Early nineties, after graduating Art School, I worked as a muralist and designer in the development of theme park Mexico Magico, in Mexico. This is where I fell in love with colours and the act of painting. Ever since that time I just love to work with colours, no matter how big or small.

Mid nineties I returned to the Netherlands and started working as a spatial designer and artist in the field of urban development. Curiosity about how people live and move about, and how this is affected or controlled by the urban environment is my motivation.

If it comes to painting, I prefer to work with oil paints. I studied the techniques of the old masters but take some liberties in applying those techniques to create contemporary 2D art works. I am familiar with various digital techniques, which I use to make mixed media visuals.

In my urban design work I use my imaginative talents to develop and visualize new urban concepts and productions. Fair and sustainable living for all is what makes me tick. The issues that we are facing in our urbanized societies are complex and most of them can not be solved with the same mindset that created them in the first place. That’s why we absolutely need new and sometimes radical design approaches, let’s call it urban activism!

I have over 25 years experience as an artist and in the field of urban- and area development, conceptual and strategic planning and spatial design. I have initiated and supported a diverse range of community-based projects, from a community garden to a cultural festival. On this website you’ll find a selection of 3D spatial designs I like to highlight, consisting of a couple of public space designs and one-of-a-kind specials. You can see more of my work as an urban design professional at Islant urban design studio.